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Mon Rey Rum™


My passion for mixology turned into a desire to create my own brand. The first time I made a pina colada I knew this was what I wanted to do. I went to mixology school and quickly started working in nightclubs and bars throughout Queens, New York. I loved what I was doing and being a Bartender was the best job I had to date. 

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About Mon Rey Rum™

Mon Rey Apple Pie flavored rum is smooth as it is strong. The essence of your favorite dessert in a bottle. Mon Rey Apple pie rum is delicious as a mixed drink, frozen drink, or enjoyed over ice. Distilled and distributed out Jacksonville Florida. Mon Rey Rum is available for purchase in all Total Wine & More locations throughout Florida



“Y’all I made a Mon Rey caramel apple iced coffee so good but I can drink it straight too”

verified purchaser Charlotte,


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